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about us

DBA was founded in 1984 by David Barnett, Alan Knight and Mark Benson and since then, has offered a creative service to the furniture industry. In 2001, David retired as a full time partner. Alan and Mark have continued the development of the company as a strategic design company that understands the business needs of the furniture community.
Alan Knight
Alan has dozens of successful product ranges to his credit. Designing and making custom furniture soon after leaving college, his skills and understanding of the furniture industry are now finely tuned to the needs of modern industry.

Whether manufacturing by the traditional craft methods or utilizing the very latest furniture making technology, Alanís experience guarantees that any proposed designs are achievable and commercially relevant.

Increasingly working with top management, much of Alanís work now focuses on matters of design strategy, ensuring a profitable future for our many clients.
Mark Benson
Many years with Conran Associates have given Mark a broad experience in product and furniture design as well as an in-depth understanding of retail and lifestyle environments.

An unusual talent for visualisation and a key awareness of special issues, he makes a special contribution to both product design and interior room set styling.

He has an outstanding record of success in product and furniture design and a natural visual ability to achieve the product presentation qualities necessary for the current retail marketplace.
Both Alan and Mark travel regularly to furniture, interior and component shows around the world as well as constantly visiting furniture retail outlets.

The company conducts regular reviews of fashion trends and subscriptions to business libraries and international magazines ensure that DBA are kept informed of the changing needs of todayís consumers.