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working with us

For over 20 years, DBA have worked on a wide variety of major projects for the furniture industry – in the UK and abroad. Our business is not just creative but involves the management of change with all the necessary business controls and systems that are required.

A high level of communication is essential throughout the project. Problem solving is a team effort between the clients team and our experienced consultants

Many of today’s projects require close cooperation between manufacturers, suppliers and retailers with DBA ensuring the needs of all parties are respected. Our role as Product Champions coupled with a mission to improve margins and turnover has been a constant feature of all projects.

We believe it is essential that our clients are fully aware of all fees and expenses and accordingly, our fee proposals set out clearly all costs and agreed terms of business. Fees are usually in stage payments but may contain a royalty element.

Royalties can reduce the initial cost of creating a new product range and also demonstrate our commitment to the future success of our creative proposals. The royalty percentage will vary depending upon the likely turnover and the expected life cycle of the new product range.

Long term relationships can generate important advantages for our clients. A retainer which confirms both parties commitment to a long term partnership, can be the best option for the future.

Strict confidentiality is maintained on all projects.

Intellectual Property Rights
For fee paid projects, once all work is completed and all accounts settled, Intellectual Property Rights are assigned to our client.

In the case of royalty projects, a license to manufacture and market is granted but IPR,s are retained by DBA.